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New York Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns
Dec 20 | 1:00 PM | Saturday
at Madison Square Garden
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Dec 20 | 1:00 PM | Saturday
at The Theater at Madison Square Garden
Perfect Crime
Dec 20 | 2:00 PM | Saturday
at Snapple Theater
Rocky - The Musical
Dec 20 | 2:00 PM | Saturday
at Winter Garden Theatre
If / Then
Dec 20 | 2:00 PM | Saturday
at Richard Rodgers Theatre
The Lion King
Dec 20 | 2:00 PM | Saturday
at Minskoff Theatre
Kinky Boots
Dec 20 | 2:00 PM | Saturday
at Hirschfeld Theatre

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New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in America. With Manhattan rent costs skyrocketing, people need jobs in New York City that can support their urban lifestyles. Top paying jobs in New York City can usually be found in the banking, health care, legal, and accounting fields.

The island of Manhattan is home to the world-famous Wall Street, so it’s no surprise that some of the top paying jobs in New York City can be found in the heart of the financial center. Investment bankers and stock traders are both iconic New York City jobs that bring in the big money.

On the other end of the spectrum are nursing jobs. While completely different from financial positions, nurses in the health care industry also have many top paying jobs in the city. Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States today. Reputable hospitals that need registered nurses can be found in several areas of Manhattan including three in Midtown Manhattan and three in Murray Hill.

Another growing industry is information technology. I.T. specialists are some of the top New York City positions in demand today. Nearly every large company located in Midtown and Lower Manhattan needs an I.T. department to maintain their computer system and wireless network.

Accounting firms located around Times Square provide some of the top paying New York City jobs as well. Accountants in New York City make over $100,000 on average. They also enjoy more job security than employees in other industries.

The legal profession is another lucrative career path in New York City. The highest paid lawyers work for the private sector. Civil service attorneys make considerably less money. Law offices can be found in all parts of the city, and most attorneys located in Manhattan charge very high prices for their services.

Competition in the city is stiff, but qualified professionals can find jobs in New York City that pay substantial salaries to their employees. Landing one of the top paying jobs in New York City requires a combination of skills, determination, and the right academic background. Happy hunting!


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