Private schools in New York City are the best choice for parents concerned about the impeccable education and safety of their children. Some of the public schools don't have very good safety ratings, especially in the boroughs where poverty and crime rates are higher.
The private schools are not only considerably safer, but they also have much higher rankings in student success. Since the funds are coming from a private source, there is no need to lay off teachers and face larger class sizes. The teacher to student ratios in New York City private schools are very good.
A few consistently well-rated private schools in New York City include St. Vincent Ferrer High School on the Upper East Side,  St. Gregory the Great School (6-8) in Brooklyn, and Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary School (PK-8) near Harlem.
There are private grade schools, high schools and middle schools. In most cases, high schools have slightly higher tuition rates than grade schools or middle schools. This is dependent upon what area of the city they are located in.
Private schools in New York City also consistently receive higher rankings in nutrition and exercise programs than public schools do. The systems each implement progressive exercise programs, encouraging students to stay active, promoting cardiac and circulatory health. Nutrition programs include more fresh fruits and vegetables, as opposed to highly-processed and prepared foods.
Parents who want their children to attend private grade schools, middle schools and high schools may also consider Montessori schools. These are becoming more popular in the New York City area. In each borough, there are more than 10 Montessori schools. In some boroughs, such as Manhattan, they are much higher in numbers. Some schools have a smaller class size than others. Usually the price will depend upon how many students are in the class. Smaller schools are usually more expensive than larger ones. With so many choices among Montessori schools, parents will have plenty to decide from.
The Montessori schools and private schools in New York City fill up quickly. Enrollment is only open until the capacity is reached. For this reason, parents are encouraged to turn in their applications and required documents as early as possible. The approval process isn't always fast, so this is crucial. Parents who are relocating should turn in paperwork before moving.
Whichever you choose, be sure to research diligently and take heed to your child's individual needs when considering private schools in New York City.