New York City's 4th of July 2011 promises to be a memorable event for families on vacation, students seeking exciting nightlife venues or couples planning a romantic dinner in one of the many fine restaurants in New York City. Holiday activities here are always exciting, but there is nothing quite like the 4th of July in New York City. For a truly memorable day, families on vacation who want to mix fun with education may want to consider a trip through the Lower Manhattan area, more commonly known to visitors as Downtown New York City. After seeing the tall buildings and experiencing the excitement of the city, a trip across the river on a ferry to the Wall Street area is an educational experience for everyone including children. There is usually a good place to gather and watch the holiday fireworks over the Statue of Liberty. The statue is located on an island just a short distance from this area, providing one of the most spectacular places to enjoy fireworks on the 2011 4th of July in New York City.

Holiday activities in The Big Apple are not limited to the fireworks display at the Statue of Liberty. There are many other exciting events in New York City. The most lively of celebrations usually happens in Times Square, offering free or low-cost cookouts, contests, giveaways and live music performances. The nightlife in Times Square, as well as those in Lower Manhattan, offer great drink specials and food discounts on the 4th of July. This area is also a great place to take in attractions during the day hours, preceding the big fireworks displays.

Whether in Times Square, SoHo, Lower Manhattan, the Meatpacking District, or the Upper East and Upper West Side, there are plenty of unique attractions and restaurants to enjoy during the daylight hours of the 4th of July. It is best to choose one or two areas to spend the day, as traffic is very congested during holidays. If choosing two destinations, try splitting the time into 'day hours' and 'night hours,' while allowing at least 2 hours for travel. Some families, couples or groups prefer to spend the day at a free cookout or music events in New York City, then spend the night in Lower or Midtown Manhattan where there are even more exciting nightlife venues and awe-inspiring firework displays.