Contrary to popular belief, the best places for a first date in New York City are likely not the major tourist attractions. Popular attractions that are seen in movies or magazines are picturesque on the pages and screens, but usually crowded with visitors far and wide in reality; not too romance-conducive if you know what we mean.
Some New York City events are good for first dates, but some, like popular plays at notable Broadway theaters might be too crowded. First dates in New York City should be romantic and unique, reflecting the true style of The Big Apple. Mix in some beautiful fragrant flowers, maybe some live music at a nice blues or jazz club and the date will be great. There are plenty of quaint restaurants and nightlife venues in Lower Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and even Nassau that are perfect for a first date.
For something unique in the day hours, choose a destination that offers recreation. Water tours in the rivers and lakes in the area prove to be romantic. There are some places on the water that rent out paddle boats. This is a great way to enjoy a view of the city from the water, enjoying a more quiet atmosphere that is perfect for interesting conversation.
Be sure to bring flowers for a first date. There are quite a few vendors in the East Village and Lower Manhattan that sell fresh-cut flowers at a reasonable price. Some of the best places to wine and dine a date are also located in Manhattan. This is the best area of the city to enjoy fine dining and exquisite wine. There are also many excellent Italian places to dine in Brooklyn. This area is a better choice for a more laid-back first date. Manhattan is a good place to buy tickets to live music performances. Notable New York City events that require ticket purchases usually happen in Manhattan.
With so many things to do in New York City, it isn't hard to create a memorable first date. Get to planning today and wow your first date in this amazing city!