There are several places that could be deemed the best places to stay in New York City. Naturally, depending on one's personal budget, choices will vary. There are posh hotels that are priced at several thousand dollars per night, while there are also some great budget-friendly choices that are less than several hundred dollars. When choosing which hotels are considered as "the best," several factors should be taken into account. The availability of surrounding restaurants, nightlife venues, shopping and attractions all play a key role.

Safety of the area is very important too. Some areas are rated safer than others. Lower Manhattan, the area surrounding Times Square and Midtown are some of the safer areas to stay. Midtown is the best place to find reasonably-priced hotels that are in close distance to some of the most historic attractions, popular shopping locations, great restaurants and trendy nightlife venues.

New York City hotels in the Lower Manhattan and Times Square area are more expensive because of their prime location. Like all other trendy New York City hotels, they are worth the money for the value, sophistication and city views they offer. Madison Square Park is a good area to stay for travelers planning to visit for live events. It is in the Flatiron District, which is also a great place to enjoy some unique architectural structures.

For a truly unique stay, one of the best places to stay in New York City is the Upper East Side. This has long been one of the most sophisticated areas, overlooking the famous 5th Avenue.

Apartments in New York City in this area are priced high, but some people only live there for part of the year. For the remainder, these apartments in New York City are for rent. This creates a unique option for travelers to stay in one of these legendary posh apartment homes for a short vacation. Some of the prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially considering the advantages, amenities and location. There is often a credit screening to rent one of these beautiful apartment homes, so it is best to arrange one as far in advance as possible.

Wherever you choose, you're bound to have an awesome time in this great American city.  Shop around, plan ahead, and find a great deal on hotels in New York City today.