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I will start by saying this place is a reflection of misogynistic and exclusive club culture. Many of the bouncers will pick and choose who they let in based on their mood. This review will be a combination of my own as well as multiple people's critiques about the management. To give some background, I am a young adult male, androgynous and mixed race. It is safe to say, after more than 4 years of coming to this club, that there are a fair share of employees who do not treat customers properly at all. Issue 1. Entry. Friday June 24th at about 11pm, one of the bouncers at the entrance gave me a hard time stamping my wrist. Before I go further, I was with a group of 5 friends, not under any sort of influence, and in a content mood. He made it his business to have three people go ahead of me even though I had my ID and arm ready for entry. I was in front of the line. I'm obviously aware of how some of these bouncers maneuver, so I'm patient and already thinking about dismissing the weird encounter from my brain. I'm ready to dance. He tells me after stamping me, "Don't be looking like you HAVE to get a stamp." ...? Anyways. Later on in the night, my other friend who is a

Pros: Great music, kind crowd of many age groups, amazing aesthetic

Cons: Poor management, overpriced rooms and drinks, non lgbtqia+ friendly, misogynistic, some bouncers are incompetent.

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