There are many great places to work in New York City. These desirable jobs are located all over the city and are available in many different industries.
Some of the best places to work in New York City are in Manhattan with many jobs in the banking and finance industry. Wall Street, which is the financial center of the United States, is located in Lower Manhattan. Because of this, a lot of stockbrokers and companies offering financial services work in the area. The majority of these financial jobs require college degrees.
In addition to jobs in the banking and finance industry, there are also a lot of modeling and acting jobs in New York City. People come to New York from all over the world to pursue their dreams of working in the entertainment industry. Many of these people find work in Broadway theaters. A lot of actors in New York also work in television and movies.
Another industry that has created a lot of New York City jobs is Publishing. Most of the world's major publishing houses are based in New York City. These companies employ editors, managers, and writers, as well as many other professionals. Because the Publishing industry is based in the city, a lot of literary agencies are located nearby. These agencies create a lot of New York City jobs. They employ literary agents, secretaries, janitors, and many other highly qualified people.
There are also a lot of jobs in the city for people who enjoy working with and assisting other people. Restaurants and hotels are some of the best places to work in New York City. Many people who enjoy human interaction support themselves by waiting tables and working as hostesses. A lot of people also work as desk clerks in hotels as well.
New York City jobs are not hard to find if one is persistent with the right credentials and drive needed to be successful.  Happy searching!