Finding a full-time job in New York City may seem intimidating. Focus your efforts and stay organized. Begin by looking up temporary hiring agencies. Most temp agencies almost always have some type of work available. Temporary jobs often turn into permanent employment once potential employers have the opportunity to get acquainted with your skills. Employment agencies in New York may also be an alternative. These places are for specialized fields of work like health care or marketing. If you have a level of expertise in a certain area, a placement agency may be your answer. Top paying jobs are often found here.

Hit the streets and ask around! Friends, neighbors and even your local store clerks may know of New York City jobs needing to be filled. Although very competitive, the Internet and local newspapers are another resource. Our comprehensive New York City jobs page has job listings for SoHo, Harlem, Tribeca, Lower Manhattan and many other nearby neighborhoods.

Job fairs may also be an option. Most of the time employers are seeking permanent, full-time help. The newspaper and Internet are information resources for the time and place of the fairs. If you are in luck, some of the largest employers use these avenues.

Due to the technology age in which we live, finding a full-time job in New York City doesn’t have to be restricted to the establishments in your area. These days there are available spots for job seekers willing to work online in home based positions. This allows you to live in New York City, while working over the Internet for a company virtually anywhere in the world. Finding a good paying, legitimate home based job will take patience. There are medical billing, data entry jobs, and many other clerical jobs available where you may work from home. Hospitals or other facilities open 24 hours are a good place to start if you have strong data entry skills. Again, these may not be your top paying jobs, but they are good avenues to explore.

Even in lean economic times such as these, New York City jobs are definitely still available.  You just have to have the right determination, resources, and tools at your disposal.  With our job search page you can find a job and apply online in no time.